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Keeping Up Appearances


Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'Bouquet') has become a true icon among viewers on both sides of the Atlantic. First and foremost she is an average middle class woman, married to a local public official, Richard, of a director's assistant in the department of finance. They have a son at 'university' – actually a polytechnic – but he is never seen and only referred to second hand. Yet despite these common facts, she is anything but common. She inflates everything around her, distorting it for all and making them more grandiose than it actually is. More than anything she is ambitious and longing to climb the social ladder and become one of the aristocracy, or ‘connected’ as she has put it. To that end, she often makes the lives of those around her unbearable with her constant insistence on any and all things wholesome, prim, and proper. The thorn in her side, the 阴 (yin) to her 阳 (yang), and the source of our entertainment is her family. Hardcore 'white trash', complete with unemployment and the ubiquitous wrecked car in the front garden, her family – including her two sisters Rose and Daisy, Daisy’s husband Onslow, and their father, simply known as ‘Daddy’ – really aren't too keen on interacting with Hyacinth as much as Hyacinth isn't too keen on crossing paths with them; however, necessity and happenstance often lead to this clash of social statuses. Due to the absurdity of her manner, and the unwillingness of those she knows to meet her, people are most often seen avoiding her at all costs, resulting in her need to strong-arm everyone into following her lead. Although all of this goes on right under her nose, she is oblivious, or pretends to be, to the discomfort of those around her. Please check out the new 'Minor Character Guide'. Opening Theme

Status: Canceled/Ended
TV Channel: BBC one
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