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Baggage Battles

Reality-TV . Drama

Baggage Battles follows International professional buyers Billy Leroy, Mark Meyer and Canadian production designer by day and collector by night Valerie-Jeanne Mathieu as they navigate through the exciting auction world across North America. They're on the hunt for lost or seized property, sealed bags and boxes and unique items that will turn a profit.Each episode finds the buyers in a new city, ready to battle it out for the best lots at the auction of the day. Once down to business, each collector has to rush to preview the items, strategize a game plan, outbid the competition, reveal their purchases, and have their winning items appraised locally with the goal of finding hidden gems and turning a huge profit. All in a day's work…Fast-paced, tense and fun… Baggage Battles invites the audience into the incredible world of competitive buyers, the exclusive auctions and how far these professionals are willing to go to hopefully hit the jackpot of collectibles. Every city has an auction - and every auction has gems just waiting to be uncovered.

Status: Running
TV Channel: CMT
  • Linda Stasi

    Think "Pawn Stars," meets "Storage Wars." And, like those shows, the quirky buyers are as fascinating as what they (in this case), er, bag.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Grady Smith

    It's moderately interesting, but you wouldn't miss much if you left this one at baggage claim.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    I don't care about the characters, their treasure hunts or how much they make or lose when they gamble that they'll find something of value in a locked storage unit [on "Storage Wars"]. And that's pretty much my reaction to Baggage Battles, too.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
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