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Baggage Battles

Drama . Reality-TV

Following the colorful personalities who make a living buying items at auctions is a favorite subject of TV producers. "Baggage Battles", essentially a replica of A&E Network's "Storage Wars" minus the storage units, depicts the process of "auction specialists" bidding for, buying and reselling property found in unclaimed luggage. It features three teams of bidders: Laurence and Sally Martin, who have appeared on "Storage Wars" appraising items in their California antiques store; young entrepreneur Mark Meyer, who owns a Long Island, N.Y., thrift store; and Billy Leroy, the proprietor of Billy's Antiques and Props, a famous eclectic prop and antique store in the Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan.

Status: Running
TV Channel: Travel Channel
  • Linda Stasi

    Think "Pawn Stars," meets "Storage Wars." And, like those shows, the quirky buyers are as fascinating as what they (in this case), er, bag.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Grady Smith

    It's moderately interesting, but you wouldn't miss much if you left this one at baggage claim.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    I don't care about the characters, their treasure hunts or how much they make or lose when they gamble that they'll find something of value in a locked storage unit [on "Storage Wars"]. And that's pretty much my reaction to Baggage Battles, too.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
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