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  • Henry And Anne The Lovers Who Changed History
    Henry And An...
    Henry And Anne The Lovers Who Changed History (2014)
    Henry & Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History is a two-part documentary in which historian Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb unfolds the extraordinary story of the tumultuous love affair between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and asks: was it really love that brought them together - and was it love that tore them apart?

  • The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway
    The Fifteen ...
    The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway (2014)
    Series following a team of more than 10,000 engineers and construction workers as they race to build a brand new railway under London - Crossrail - London's new Underground.

  • We Are Young
    We Are Young
    We Are Young (2014)

  • Rip Off Britain Live
    Rip Off Brit...
    Rip Off Britain Live (2014)
    The Rip Off Britain team is ready to tackle the issues that most matter to you - from bills and bad customer service, to holidays and food.

  • Ancient Assassins
    Ancient Assa...
    Ancient Assassins (2014)
    Ancient Assassins on AHC features elite men from a wide swath of history who were trained to perfection, skilled with a devastating array of weaponry.

  • Curvy Brides
    Curvy Brides
    Curvy Brides (2014)
    Curvy Brides showcases the plus-size bridal salon Curvaceous Couture, located in Maryland. Owned and operated by sisters Yukia and Yuneisia, "Curvy Brides" demonstrates that there's a dream dress out there for every woman, no matter her size. Yukia herself struggled to find a designer wedding gown to suit her curves, and that struggle inspired her to help other women get outfitted for their special day. The sisters started out running a business in their father's basement, and now they're running a boutique with gowns for plus-size women with every taste and style.

  • Des Bishop: Breaking China
    Des Bishop: ...
    Des Bishop: Breaking China (2014)
    Six part series follows the adventures of Irish-American writer and comedian Des Bishop as he moves to China for a year in order to learn mandarin and eventually attempt to perform a one-man stand up comedy show for a Chinese audience.

  • The Stuarts
    The Stuarts
    The Stuarts (2014)
    Presented by Dr Clare Jackson of Cambridge University, this three-part series argues that the Stuarts, more than any other, were Britain's defining royal family.

  • Homes by the Sea
    Homes by the...
    Homes by the Sea (2014)
    Charlie Luxton visits some of Britain's best homes by the sea to find out what makes the perfect coastal property

  • Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Express
    Jonathan Pha...
    Jonathan Phang's Gourmet Express (2014)
    The mere mention of the Orient Express brings to mind evocative images of opulent carriages, stylish passengers and thrilling destinations all wrapped up in the romance of train travel. Jonathan Phang, a self-confessed bon viveur with a passion for gastronomy, feels the allure of old world glamour and sets off on a gourmet journey crossing continents aboard some of the world's most elegant trains. Along the way he stops off in extraordinary culinary destinations, such as Venice, Paris and Istanbul to explore some modern fine dining. However, it is aboard the fabulous trains that Jonathan truly tests the old adage that sometimes it can be better to travel than to arrive.

  • Supercar Superbuild
    Supercar Sup...
    Supercar Superbuild (2014)
    Supercar Superbuild showcases the passion, artistry and engineering behind some of the fastest and most lust-worthy supercars in the world. Behind each story lies a dedicated team of passionate automotive artists that overcome tremendous obstacles as they dream big and think outside of the box in order to create the ultimate automotive fantasies for car fans across the globe.

  • Women in Blue
    Women in Blu...
    Women in Blue (2014)
    Women in Blue, follows the lives of seven Kiwi female police officers, working the beat in cities and towns across the country.

  • Release the Hounds
    Release the ...
    Release the Hounds (2014)
    Release the Hounds is a British television show broadcast on ITV2 since October 2013. It is hosted by Reggie Yates and culminates in the participants being chased by dogs in the hope of winning a large cash prize.

  • Long Lost Family: What Happened Next
    Long Lost Fa...
    Long Lost Family: What Happened Next (2014)
    Since Long Lost Family began four years ago, the series has reunited over 100 people with their long lost relatives. But the reunion is just the beginning, and in Long Lost Family: What Happened Next the programme revisits nine of the most extraordinary searches, to find out what happened after the families were reunited. Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, the series will discover how these remarkable reunions have transformed people's lives, and what it's like to build a relationship with a family member after a lifetime apart.

  • Canadas Smartest Person
    Canadas Smar...
    Canadas Smartest Person (2014)
    Canada's Smartest Person is an interactive television series that redefines what it means to be smart. We'll shatter the myth that to be smart you need to have a high IQ, be a math whiz or trivia buff. Every week four new hopefuls battle it out in front of a live studio audience in six categories of smarts: musical, physical, social, logical, visual and linguistic. In the series finale seven finalists will go head to head to earn the title of Canada's Smartest Person. It's a whole new way of looking at smarts!

  • Bitchin Rides
    Bitchin Ride...
    Bitchin Rides (2014)
    Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. In Velocity's Bitchin' Rides, viewers will see Kindig and his team working on all types and periods of cars. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car's owner.

  • Kirstie's Handmade Christmas
    Kirstie's Ha...
    Kirstie's Handmade Christmas (2014)
    Christmas is coming and Kirstie Allsopp offers a triple helping of festive inspiration.

  • Apocalypse: World War One
    Apocalypse: ...
    Apocalypse: World War One (2014)
    In the trenches, In the heads of Soldier, Governors and through the lives of Civilians behind the line, discover one of the most devastating conflicts of humanity.

  • SciTech Now
    SciTech Now
    SciTech Now (2014)
    In SciTech Now host Hari Sreenivasan explores topics such as technology, scientific discovery and innovation.

  • The People Remember
    The People R...
    The People Remember (2014)
    History series presented by Sophie Raworth and Andy Torbet, honouring the heroes of war on the battlefield and the home front.

  • The Furchester Hotel
    The Furchest...
    The Furchester Hotel (2014)
    In a partnership between CBeebies and Sesame Workshop, Cookie Monster and Elmo begin their new jobs at a hotel, run by Elmo's family.

  • The Offroad Adventure Show
    The Offroad ...
    The Offroad Adventure Show (2014)
    Adventure. It's a great word, because it can mean different things to different people. An adventure can also take on a multitude of different forms, but we reckon the very best adventures start outside, and usually with a 4WD! So what does adventure mean to us?We reckon an adventure is all about trying new things, making new discoveries, and learning a little about yourself every time you head out. To us, these are things that turn a trip into an adventure, and it is quite simply what we are addicted to!We want to share that addiction, that passion for the outdoors, and that never-ending quest for the ultimate offroad adventure with you!Our goal is to show you just how easy and affordable it really can be to get out and experience some the country's very best adventures, without breaking the bank to do it. We want to show you how to make the most of your time out in this special place of ours, no matter what your passion may be. So join Rick, Jamie, Starlo, Caroline & Adrian as we head out on our own adventures in search of that next great track, that next prize fish, or even that elusive perfect campsite. But above all else, always remember one thing – the best adventures start in your own backyard!

  • Our Big Blue Backyard
    Our Big Blue...
    Our Big Blue Backyard (2014)
    Our Big Blue Backyard travels from Northland to Stewart Island, exploring six very special marine environments and features the colourful and varied inhabitants as they interact in their unique locations. From the giant to the tiny and the acrobatic to the rock scrapers, the range and behaviours of these species in such close proximity is fascinating. There is plenty of action in these aquatic communities as the lives of these close neighbours weave together to reveal entertaining animal dramas. It's predator versus prey as surfing orcas travel the golden harbours of Northland; quality time with the big old snapper and crayfish of Goat Island; drama in the egg nurseries of the stunning Poor Knights Islands; a day out with the athletic Dusky Dolphins of Kaikoura; a fur-seal summer off New Zealand's wild west coast and great white shark versus little blue penguins in the southern oasis of Stewart Island

  • Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon
    Caught on Ca...
    Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon (2014)
    Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon lets viewers in on the hijinks captured by the unblinking eyes of cell phones, dash cams, security cameras, news crews and camcorders around the world.This riveting new series is storytelling at its best, providing a first-person account of what's happening on-screen from those who lived it, recorded it and saw it happen, as told in their own words.

  • British Art at War Bomberg Sickert and Nash
    British Art ...
    British Art at War Bomberg Sickert and Nash (2014)
    British Art at War: Bomberg, Sickert and Nash follows Andrew Graham-Dixon as he finds out how three British artists, David Bomberg, Walter Sickert and Paul Nash dealt with the cataclysm of the First World War.