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Resident Evil: Retribution

Sci-Fi . Science Fiction . Horror . Action

The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice, awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by new found allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.

Actors: Ofilio Portillo , Kevin Durand , Robin Kasyanov , Johann Urb , Boris Kodjoe , Li Bingbing , Aryana Engineer , Michelle Rodriguez , Sienna Guillory , Milla Jovovich
Directors: Paul W.S. Anderson
Release: 2012-09-14
More Info:
  • Jaime N. Christley

    At this point in the franchise, Anderson is content to alight the saga on a perpetual rewind loop, ever-ending, ever-rebooting, all subsidized by his nonpareil compositional sense.

    Slant Magazine Full Review
  • Clark Collis

    Writer-director W.S. Anderson's overseeing of the Resident Evil zombie franchise has proven to be both lunatically haphazard and dementedly enthusiastic.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Nick Schager

    Anderson utilizes slow-motion 3-D to hyperbolic effect while again casting Jovovich as the epitome of badass sexiness.

    Time Out New York Full Review
  • David Ehrlich

    If it's true that movies can transport you to places you could hardly have imagined, then Resident Evil: Retribution is the cinema's ultimate passport to purgatory.

    Boxoffice Magazine Full Review
  • Even devoted fans may wonder whether this installment is actually a haphazard patchwork of outtakes from previous "Resident Evil" pictures.

    Variety Full Review
  • Tasha Robinson

    At this point, the Resident Evil movie franchise has become a personal playground for husband-and-wife team Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich; every few years, they find another excuse to pit Jovovich's videogame-inspired dark superhero, Alice, against zombies and other gruesome monsters.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Alison Willmore

    It's the closest thing you'll find yet to a recreation of a video game sensibility on the big screen - which is in line with the franchise's source material - and makes for a memorably unsettling if not particularly satisfying viewing experience.

    Movieline Full Review
  • Ken McIntyre

    Giant brains with teeth, suburban mutant zombies, more bullets than a John Woo film festival, and hot girls in skin-tight S&M outfits pummelling each other to a deafening dubstep soundtrack. If you're looking for brainless, blood-guzzling carnage, you've found it.

    Total Film Full Review
  • Marc Savlov

    Jovovich's physicality and chilly mien (she was originally a "project" of the Umbrella Corp.) carry the series from start to … whenever it finishes, which might not be for quite a while yet.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Jeannette Catsoulis

    Taking place almost entirely inside computer-simulated global locations, "Retribution" moves closer than ever to its airless video game roots.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Nick Pinkerton

    Anderson['s] lavish visual imagination is matched to a placeholder idea of character that's almost avant-garde in its generic stylization, dialogue buffed of personality by passing through 10,000 previous movies.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Robert Abele

    As always, Jovovich's game face is admirable - whether giving gunslinger shade or play-acting a protective mother storyline straight-outta-Cameron. But it can't be easy when all around her are line readings that recall the glory days of baroquely dull foreign-movie dubbing.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Tom Russo

    Funny about retribution, though - it's a tricky thing to make time for when you've still got mutant zombie hordes after you. The real premise turns out to be a busy rehash of the first movie's story line.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Adam Litovitz

    A few striking images keep our attention – like evil warrior Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) seated menacingly with an assault rifle on a playground swing in the 'burbs. But the film's title promises payback, without offering ample compensation.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Frank Scheck

    She's (Milla Jovovich) constantly being besieged by a seemingly never-ending series of monsters, and we -- at least every couple of years or so -- are forced to sit through yet another installment of the mind-numbing series.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Joe Neumaier

    Thuddingly awful.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Drew Taylor

    It's a testament to the movie's lack of creativity that Anderson can't even rip off "Aliens" and have it come across as anything less than totally boring.

    The Playlist Full Review
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