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The Breakfast Club

Drama . Comedy

Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Actors: Judd Nelson , Anthony Michael Hall , Emilio Estevez , Ron Dean , Mary Christian , Perry Crawford , John Kapelos , Ally Sheedy , Paul Gleason , Molly Ringwald
Directors: John Hughes
Country: USA
Release: 1985-02-15
More Info:
  • Brad Laidman

    This could have been an unmitigated disaster, but Hughes' way with the material ensured it a special place in the heart of just about everyone who happened to be in high school while Ronald Reagan was President.

    Film Threat Full Review
  • Marjorie Baumgarten

    Before lapsing into the land of the insipid,... John Hughes actually made a few movies that shined some light on the trials of modern adolescence. The Breakfast Club is one of them.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • James Berardinelli

    Eminently watchable and consistently entertaining...It has a candor that is unexpected and refreshing in a sea of too-often generic teen-themed films.

    ReelViews Full Review
  • Jay Scott

    For all its contrivance, it's lively and amusing and occasionally disconcerting in its reproduction of what life was like in the mid-to-late teens.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Ty Burr

    From the neon-sign opening titles to the derivative angst of the dialogue, it's a touchstone of '80s pop culture, and a schizophrenic one, too.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Dave Kehr

    Comes to the comforting conclusion that they're just as alienated, idealistic, and vulnerable as the baby boomers of the 1960s.

    Chicago Reader Full Review
  • Staff (Not Credited)

    Hughes, though he gives the material a sense of fun and achieves several moments of genuine warmth, too often resorts to obvious cliches, stereotypes, and easy answers, and throws in the near-obligatory rock video as well.

    TV Guide Full Review
  • Elvis Mitchell

    The five young stars would have mixed well even without the fraudulent encounter-group candor towardS which The Breakfast Club forces them. Mr. Hughes, having thought up the characters and simply flung them together, should have left well enough alone.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Staff (Not Credited)

    Does director John Hughes really believe, as he writes here, that 'when you grow up, your heart dies.' It may. But not unless the brain has already started to rot with films like this.

    Variety Full Review
  • Joe Brown

    Their conversations give The Breakfast Club its snap, crackle and pop. And this is that rare movie that could benefit from another half hour of talking time. [15 Feb 1985]

    Washington Post Full Review
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