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American Rescue Squad

Drama . Action . Comedy . Musical

A group of mysterious villains known as 'The Alliance' sets a trap for the Taxpayer. They imprison him, torture him, and make plans to publicly crucify him. Local janitor Richard Randolph rounds up retired Superheroes, and hatches a plan to rescue the Taxpayer. The villains stage a public rally, where many citizens come to watch the Taxpayer's crucifixion. The heroes invade the bad guy lair, and a large battle ensues. Various comedic and action-packed musical numbers are intertwined throughout the madness. In the midst of the big political debate and battle for mankind will the heroes save the day?

Actors: Tony D. Czech , Douglas Sidney , KariAnn Christensen , Roger Wayne
Directors: Elliot Diviney
Country: USA
Release: 2015-05-19
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  • 2. Bad Drivers Performer: Lisa Diviney, Jesse Frankson, Carol Vnuk, Anika Reitman, Joel Thingvall, and Elliot Diviney Stream Music Online
  • 5. Bathroom Etiquette Performer: Charles Hubbell, Shawn Dunbar, and Elliot Diviney Stream Music Online
  • 7. Free Lunch Performer: Shannon McDonough, Elliott Graber, Nathan Tymoshuk, Kelly Barry-Miller and Elliot Diviney Stream Music Online
  • 8. The Irresponsible Lovers Performer: KariAnn Christensen (as KariAnn Craighead), Jarrod Crooks, Rebecca Olbrantz, and Lisa Diviney Stream Music Online
  • 9. If This is a Dream Performer: Anjel White, Roger Wayne, Jon Florence, Lisa Diviney, Brandon Van Vliet, Craig Diviney, Mari Harris, Tony D. Czech, Anika Reitman, Jimmy Keebs, KariAnn Christensen (as Kariann Craighead), Jarrod Crooks, Matt Born, Shawn Dunbar, Nathan Tymoshuk, and Elliot Stream Music Online