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You Call It Passion

Comedy . Romance

Ra-hee is ready for the real world. She has graduated from a respectable college and begins to apply for full-time jobs but is rejected by every company that she applies to. When all hope is lost, she gets a phone call from a newspaper company and is recruited as an intern in the entertainment section. Although reluctant at first, as she believes herself to be over-qualified for the job, she soon learns and understands the passion of the press. During her rollercoaster experience as an entertainment journalist/intern, she discovers the dirty and hidden aspects of the journalism industry.

Actors: Park Bo-yeong , Jung Jae-young , Oh Dal-Su , Ryu Deok-hwan , Ryu Hyun-Kyung , Jin Kyung , Yoon Kyun-sang , Bae Seong-Woo , Seong-woo Bae , Jae-yeong Jeong , Kyung Jin , Seong-oh Kim
Directors: Gi-hoon Jeong
Release: 2015-11-25
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