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Mr. Right

Action . Comedy . Romance

A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

Actors: Sam Rockwell , Anna Kendrick , Tim Roth , James Ransone , Anson Mount , Michael Eklund , RZA , Katie Nehra , Jaiden Kaine , Douglas M. Griffin
Directors: Paco Cabezas
Country: USA
Release: 2016-02-29
More Info:
  • Richard Roeper

    The chemistry between Rockwell and Kendrick drives the movie. They’re fast and wonderful together. But Mr. Right has an abundance of strong supporting performances as well.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Andy Webster

    Ms. Kendrick — whether playing daffy, amorous, insightful or indignant — carries the movie. And her surprising shades of grit don’t hurt, either.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Lou Lumenick

    This sort of violent comedy — think “True Lies’’ meets “Grosse Pointe Blank’’ — is tough to pull off, but Spanish director Paco Cabezas and screenwriter Max Landis (“American Ultra’’) nail a screwball fantasy vibe that stops just inches short of downright silliness.

    New York Post Full Review
  • John DeFore

    A crowd-pleaser despite its missteps and occasionally because of them, the pic enlivens some stale conceits about killers-for-hire and the women who love them.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Moira Macdonald

    Rockwell and Kendrick, both of whom can really sell this film’s brand of laid-back quirk, keep things lively.

    The Seattle Times Full Review
  • Chuck Bowen

    It has a bouncy sense of lunacy, wearing its derivative junkiness on its sleeve with surprising lightness of authority.

    Slant Magazine Full Review
  • Alan Scherstuhl

    Clowning, bullet-riddled rom-com Mr. Right is awfully charming in the best and worse senses of the phrase. It's often kind of awful but also weirdly effervescent, a movie that salves, with its stars' radiance and charisma, even as it grates.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Pat Padua

    The film’s likeable leads almost carry off a dark premise: that the love that strengthens this couple also makes them dangerous.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Noel Murray

    Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell have often been the lone bright spot in otherwise dismal movies, and it takes their combined charm to redeem Mr. Right.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Peter Debruge

    This peculiar high-danger romance — which plays like watered-down Elmore Leonard or imitation Tarantino — is a risky retro back-step for an up-and-coming young screenwriter with such hip credits as “Chronicle” and “American Ultra” to his name.

    Variety Full Review
  • Katie Walsh

    It feels at once overwritten and thematically thin, coasting on a cutesy concept before descending into relentless, and therefore meaningless, violence.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Nikola Grozdanovic

    Thanks to deplorable direction by Paco Cabezas, and a childishly broad screenplay by Max Landis, Mr. Right ends up all wrong.

    The Playlist Full Review
  • Henry Barnes

    Mr Right is Grosse Pointe Blank meets Dexter. Liman meets Tarantino. Derivative idea meets sloppy execution.

    The Guardian Full Review
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