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John Wick

Thriller . Crime . Action

After the sudden death of his beloved wife, John Wick receives one last gift from her, a beagle puppy named Daisy, and a note imploring him not to forget how to love. But John's mourning is interrupted when his 1969 Boss Mustang catches the eye of sadistic thug Iosef Tarasov who breaks into his house and steals it, beating John unconscious in the process. Unwittingly, he has just reawakened one of the most brutal assassins the underworld has ever known.

Actors: Bridget Moynahan , Dean Winters , Willem Dafoe , Alfie Allen , Michael Nyqvist , Keanu Reeves , Adrianne Palicki , Omer Barnea , Toby Leonard Moore , Daniel Bernhardt
Directors: Chad Stahelski , David Leitch
Country: USA
Release: 2014-10-24
More Info:
  • Chris Nashawaty

    John Wick, is not only a return to badass form for the actor, it's also one of the most excitingly visceral action flicks I've seen in ages.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Robert Abele

    It's a B movie made with A-student love for the relentless thrill of bodies in brutal motion.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Jeannette Catsoulis

    Harboring few ambitions beyond knock-your-socks-off action sequences, this crafty revenge thriller delivers with so much style — and even some wit — that the lack of substance takes longer than it should to become problematic.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • William Goss

    At the center of it all stands Reeves, a convincing embodiment of both the calm before the storm and its subsequent capacity for ruin.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Bruce Ingram

    A lean, spare, stylish and grimly, methodically ultra-violent extravaganza that provides star Keanu Reeves with a much-needed infusion of cool. And hard-core action fans with combat-centric cinematic expertise on a par with 20ll’s “The Raid.”

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Ignatiy Vishnevetsky

    Their use of Kaleida’s sparse, slinky “Think” — one of the most effective and eccentric sound track choices in a recent action movie — underscores the sense that what the viewer is watching is essentially a very loud and bloody dance piece.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Drew McWeeny

    John Wick won't redefine action movies, but it perfectly exemplifies what I want from an action film when I go. Have fun with the world, shoot the action well, motivate it in a way that doesn't feel cheap.

    HitFix Full Review
  • Forrest Wickman

    With Wick—the best Reeves role in years, and the best existential actioner since Drive—Reeves fans have found something that should cheer them up, too.

    Slate Full Review
  • Bilge Ebiri

    John Wick is a violent, violent, violent film, but its artful splatter is miles away from the brutality of "Taken" or the gleeful gore of "The Equalizer." It’s a beautiful coffee-table action movie.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • Stephanie Zacharek

    Reeves is wonderful here, a marvel of physicality and stern determination — he moves with the grace of an old-school swashbuckler.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Justin Lowe

    Distilling a couple of decades of stunt work and second-unit directing experience into 96 minutes of runtime, Stahelski and Leitch expertly deliver one action highlight after another in a near-nonstop thrill ride.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    John Wick is the kind of fired-up, ferocious B-movie fun some of us can't get enough of. You know who you are.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • James Berardinelli

    John Wick is a rousing action thriller of the sort rarely encountered in theaters these days. The once popular genre, which was headlined by the likes of Stallone and Schwarzenegger during its heyday, has been a dying breed during the past two decades.

    ReelViews Full Review
  • Christy Lemire

    John Wick breathes exhilarating life into this tired premise, thanks to some dazzling action choreography, stylish visuals and–most importantly–a vintage anti-hero performance from Keanu Reeves. Full Review
  • Michael Ordona

    Reeves’ skills are on glorious display in John Wick, an expertly made revenge drama in which he goes all headshot on lots and lots of bad guys, and it’s awesome.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Eric Kohn

    Neither surprising or groundbreaking in any particular way, the movie gives us what we want and leaves it at that.

    indieWIRE Full Review
  • Drew Taylor

    There are enough pleasures going on in John Wick to elevate it above just another dumb action movie.

    The Playlist Full Review
  • Richard Corliss

    Quibbles aside, John Wick is the smartest display of the implacable but somehow ethical Reeves character since the "2008 Street Kings."

    Time Full Review
  • Bill Goodykoontz

    There's something refreshing about a movie that knows what it is, and what it wants to be. John Wick is that kind of movie.

    Arizona Republic Full Review
  • James Rocchi

    Both ludicrous and ludicrously entertaining, John Wick's stylish look, B-movie vibe and less-is-more, longer-takes-are-stronger-takes approach to action make it a standout.

    TheWrap Full Review
  • Tasha Robinson

    Keanu Reeves is the perfect figurehead for this kind of yarn, as he was in The Matrix: Emotionless, poreless, and polished, his character is more a graven idol of vengeance than a human being seeking it.

    The Dissolve Full Review
  • Peter Debruge

    If you can stomach the setup, then the rest is pure revenge-movie gold, as Reeves reminds what a compelling action star he can be, while the guy who served as his stunt double in “The Matrix” makes a remarkably satisfying directorial debut, delivering a clean, efficient and incredibly assured thriller.

    Variety Full Review
  • Steve Persall

    Director Chad Stahelski — Reeves' stunt double for Point Break and The Matrix — aims only for a kinetic revenge yarn with wrinkles drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs might appreciate, like martial arts moves at point blank bullet range; what he'd call gun fu.

    Tampa Bay Times Full Review
  • Tom Russo

    The movie’s one big pitfall, really, is that Reeves’s character is so intently focused, he takes care of business a bit too quickly. Some final skirmishing and a tonally false sign-off feel like unconvincing bids to stretch the story to a more legit feature length.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Chris Cabin

    The film is thematically thin, and it has a tendency to embrace the action genre's more obnoxious elements, but there's a proudly no-nonsense air to its nonsensicality.

    Slant Magazine Full Review
  • Stephanie Merry

    Like so many action movies, John Wick goes way beyond a reasonable carnage threshold. Brawls that are exciting in the beginning become dull as each sequence attempts to outdo the last. But John Wick has a more interesting story and better fights than most.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Roger Moore

    Reeves animates the action and the filmmakers surround him with wonderful co-stars; the quietly menacing McShane, the chop shop operator (John Leguizamo), the dapper “cleaner” (David Patrick Kelly of “The Warriors”) and the spitting, hissing Nyqvist.

    McClatchy-Tribune News Service Full Review
  • Joshua Rothkopf

    John Wick feels like action manna for its cleanly designed gun-fu sequences—ones you can actually follow—and brutal takedowns. But the revenge plotting is deeply dopey and we shouldn't have to choose one or the other.

    Time Out New York Full Review
  • Joe Neumaier

    Plot is not the movie’s strong suit. But stylish set pieces are, including one epic blast-a-thon alongside a pool.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Marc Mohan

    There are some attempts at a comic-bookish, film noir vibe, including a hotel where all the crooks and killers stay, forbidden by house rules from "doing business"on the premises. And everywhere Keanu turns, he bumps into a character from HBO.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Rene Rodriguez

    John Wick reminds you this actor deserves better. Reeves makes the movie entertaining in a background-noise way, but he can’t give it any gravity, even when the filmmakers pull the cheapest trick in the book to get the audience to root for the hero and hiss at the Eurotrash villains. Someone get this man some good work, quick.

    Miami Herald Full Review
  • Mike Scott

    John Wick makes a few feeble attempts at witty repartee, but, in the end, Leitch and Stahelski's film feels like an unintentional parody of itself.

    New Orleans Times-Picayune Full Review
  • Lou Lumenick

    Aside from the very occasional stab with a dagger, John prefers to shoot people at point-blank range. It gets old fast.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Claudia Puig

    John Wick serves up a noxious, clashing blend of hyper-realistic and cartoonish violence. Too bad there's no cinema decontaminating service that can wash our memories clean of such useless gore.

    USA Today Full Review
  • Joe Williams

    Sorry, Keanu, but you stole my time and you murdered my brain cells. By the sacred oath of WHOA, there will be blood, and this time it’s personal.

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch Full Review
  • John Semley

    John Wick is the most blatant attempt to establish a character’s name recognition since the Angelina Jolie actioneer "Salt."

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Tim Robey

    John Wick has such stylistic assurance that even when it falters – the music’s a bit moronic, and the subtitles for Russian dialogue get a naff, pseudo-pulpy typeface – it mainly tends to remind you how much you’re enjoying everything else.

    The Telegraph Full Review
  • Ben Nicholson

    Above all else John Wick is a lean, mean revenger to go with its ice-cold protagonist. It's not perfect, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable action movie this year.

    CineVue Full Review
  • James Dyer

    A giddy helping of artful violence delivered with a wink and a cheeky grin. Unsurprisingly, John Wick 2 is already in the works.

    Empire Full Review
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