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Moulin Rouge!

Musical . Music . Drama . Romance

A celebration of love and creative inspiration takes place in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the 20th century. A young poet, who is plunged into the heady world of Moulin Rouge, begins a passionate affair with the club's most notorious and beautiful star.

Actors: John Leguizamo , Ewan McGregor , Nicole Kidman , Caroline O'Connor , Kerry Walker , Matthew Whittet , Jacek Koman , Garry McDonald , Richard Roxburgh , Jim Broadbent
Directors: Baz Luhrmann
Release: 2001-06-01
More Info:
  • Michael Wilmington

    A landmark musical movie -- controversial, mercurial, even cheeky. It's the kind of film that wildly divides audiences and critics -- people tend to either love or hate it. I loved it.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Desson Thomson

    It's a wonderful postmodern hug of a movie, and never once do you not know you're watching a movie.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Gregory Weinkauf

    This thing moves brilliantly, sparkling like nothing we've seen domestically since "The Wiz" or "Xanadu."

    New Times (L.A.) Full Review
  • Marc Savlov

    A crazed, lovestruck, wholly original (and yet amazingly referential) beast, part pop-culture wasteland, part glowing tribute, and part wild-eyed roller coaster (of love).

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Roger Ebert

    The movie is all color and music, sound and motion, kinetic energy, broad strokes, operatic excess.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Jack Mathews

    An audacious, snappy visual and emotional feast of dishes both familiar and fresh. It's the first really good movie of 2001.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Michael Dequina

    What ultimately comes through is an undeniably imaginative work that is a glorious testament to the limitless and largely untapped possibilities of cinema.

    Film Threat Full Review
  • Stephanie Zacharek

    It's a mishmash of decoration, drapery and debauchery that's both deeply pleasurable and kitschy. Full Review
  • Todd McCarthy

    A tour de force of artifice, a dazzling pastiche of musical and visual elements at the service of a blatantly artificial story.

    Variety Full Review
  • David Sterritt

    Some will find it exhilarating fun.

    Christian Science Monitor Full Review
  • Jonathan Foreman

    A sometimes glorious, sometimes disastrous folly.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Edward Guthmann

    A movie so cheeky, aggressive and bursting with vitality that it can't help being annoying and exhilarating at the same time.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    The grand becomes grandiose and the lyrical turns bombastic.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • Kenneth Turan

    You can go with it or resist it, be exhilarated or worn out. But forgetting the experience is not one of your options.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Rita Kempley

    McGregor, the movie's most engaging performer, is convincing enough to sell the mutual attraction. The "Trainspotting" star is usually playing some kind of freak, and this is a nice stretch for him.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Owen Gleiberman

    The result is a musical that substitutes irony for pop passion, misanthropic disjointedness for lyrical flow.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • William Arnold

    It doesn't, as they say, really work -- but it's enjoyable enough in spots to leave one feeling passably entertained.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • Peter Brunette

    Consistently runs the danger of substituting cool but ultra-hyper, modern special effects for boring old human sentiment. Full Review
  • A.O. Scott

    Simultaneously stirring and dispiriting.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Diverting, energetic, and even reasonably satisfying, so long as you aren't looking for a real musical to take its place.

    Chicago Reader Full Review
  • Maitland McDonagh

    Never boring, often excruciating and occasionally transcendent.

    TV Guide Full Review
  • Ella Taylor

    Drowns in baroque mise en scène camp, frenetic musical numbers and a precious dialogue conceit that wears out its welcome very fast.

    L.A. Weekly Full Review
  • Peter Rainer

    It's like being trapped inside a fever dream of Oscar-night production numbers.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • J. Hoberman

    A voracious vacuum cleaner of a movie --hoovering up a hundred years' worth of junk with the same monotonously unmodulated hum.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Mike Clark

    May be a spectacularly awful movie, but it's also spectacularly drenched in color, décor and other visual oh-la-la.

    USA Today Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    Ends up leaving you starved for a single moment of unhyped emotion. You can barely see the characters for Luhrmann screaming.

    Slate Full Review
  • David Ansen

    Luhrmann has raised the level of his game, deconstructing the Hollywood musical -- a genre all but left for dead -- and reassembling it with a potency that hasn’t been seen since “Cabaret.”

    Newsweek Full Review
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  • 5. Children Of The Revolution Performer: Ewan McGregor, Jacek Koman, John Leguizamo, Garry McDonald as Garry Macdonald, Stream Music Online
  • 6. ZIDLERS RAP (Medley) Performer: Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink Stream Music Online
  • 7. Sparkling Diamonds Performer: Nicole Kidman, Natalie Mendoza as Natalie Mendoza, Lara Mulcahy, and Caroline O'Connor Stream Music Online
  • 10. Your Song Performer: Ewan McGregor and Plácido Domingo as Placido Domingo Stream Music Online
  • 12. Children Of The Revolution Performer: Bono, Gavin Friday, and Maurice Seezer Stream Music Online
  • 13. The Pitch (Medley) Performer: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent, Jacek Koman, Stream Music Online
  • 18. Elephant Love Medley Performer: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Plácido Domingo as Placido Domingo Stream Music Online
  • 20. Like a Virgin Performer: Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh and Anthony Weigh Stream Music Online
  • 23. The Show Must Go On Performer: Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent and Anthony Weigh Stream Music Online
  • 37. The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) Performer: Jim Broadbent, Nicole Kidman, Jacek Koman, John Leguizamo, Ewan McGregor, Garry MacDonald, Richard Roxburgh & Matthew Whittet Stream Music Online
  • 39. AscensionNature Boy (From the Death and Ascension Scene) Performer: Ewan McGregor Stream Music Online
  • 41. Ascension/Nature Boy (From the Death and Ascension Scene) Performer: Ewan McGregor Stream Music Online
  • 42. ZIDLER'S RAP (Medley) Performer: Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink Stream Music Online