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The Level - S01 E03


In the wake of the latest killing, suspicion shifts to garage owner and Le Saux associate, Duncan Elliot (Geoff Bell). Visiting Elliot, Nancy spots Theo Kettler's missing car, and a tense chase ensues. When the driver escapes, Nancy and O'Dowd start to suspect Gunner of complicity. A vital piece of evidence is later recovered from the car, giving DCI Newman a breakthrough - but placing Nancy in even greater danger. The pressure on Nancy becomes unbearable when new forensic evidence is revealed, turning her emotional world on its head and changing her sense of Frank forever. Meanwhile, tensions surface among the Le Sauxs with Hayley and her brother Tate (Cian Binchy) at the haulage yard. Ex-boyfriend Shay Nash calls, ostensibly looking for a cargo which has gone missing on a Le Saux truck, but it's clear he's still drawn to Hayley. Nancy warns her to stay clear. Nancy's concern about Nash seems vindicated – especially when evidence identifying him disappears from the investigation. Nancy takes a big risk when she takes it into her own hands to prove Gunner is involved, but when her gamble goes wrong she finds herself running for her life – only to discover the threat is much closer to home. . .

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2016-10-14 at 21:00