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Parking Wars - S02 E03


In the third and final episode, beatboxing Gravesend civil enforcement officer Clive Nolan plays spot the parking sign with his colleague Chris Akams, before the latter faces a driver irate about him ticketing a parked car that she says has been stolen and dumped. Clive says he's used to being abused: "The funniest one I've had was down The Grove where there's a Jobcentre, and people shouted out to me to get a proper job. I thought to myself, ‘You're the ones standing outside a Jobcentre.'" Resident John Ingle, who has a sight impairment and is part of the Pedestrian's Liberation Group (PLG), puts his own ‘Stupid Parking' stickers on cars parked blocking the pavement. He says: "I'm not a traffic warden, although some people think I should be. But if I was, they would all get a parking ticket." Meanwhile in Manchester, driver Dustie Hickey faces a Traffic Penalty Tribunal after stopping in a bus lane - which she says was accidental and she couldn't see the sign. Whatever the decision, she's come prepared to pay up after selling some designer shoes she found in a skip, for £70. She says: "That'll either be holiday money for the summer for my daughter, or it'll be paying Manchester City Council some money so they can actually put some signs up on the lamp-post, telling people it's a bus lane." In Cambridge, inner city streets have become clogged with parked cars after the council started charging £1 for its previously free park and ride service. Resident Stephen Halliday says: "We've actually given up trying to park our car here now. We park our car two miles away at my daughter's house and I'm afraid it's what we've been driven to. This is no longer being used as a road, it's being used as a car park." Some residents, including campaigner Michelle Hunt, have taken to using road cones and writing notes to put on drivers' cars to stop them parking outside their houses. One van driver says: "What exactly are they protecting? A bit of road that's not theirs." A shadowy anonymous figure who dubs himself the Cone Ranger agrees, and spends his time after dark lifting the cones and throwing them into gardens. He says: "If you're working in a certain area daily for a period of time it can be frustrating not being able to park."

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2016-10-04 at 20:00