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Brief Encounters - S01 E04


The group of women are excitedly unpacking the new Ann Summers range. Dawn is looking at the dream boat cup-less basque, which she wants for her wedding night – the wheels are in motion for 3 weeks' time and she is having a "stag do" this Thursday. The next morning, Steph is in a rush to a party demonstration. In a bid to bridge the distance between them, Terry offers to help around the house but Steph is too busy and has to go. Across town, Pauline is looking up at Nita's small house which is in stark contrast to hers. Richie answers the door and calls for Nita. Nita is floored with guilt when she sees Pauline who asks if Nita could cover a party for her on Saturday as she is going to a Rotary do with Brian! Nita tries to get Pauline to leave by saying she's booked up herself, but as Kieran arrives at the door and he is stunned when he realises it's Brian Spake's wife. A uniformed Johnny meets Steph – the atmosphere is tense as they make playful small talk. Johnny breaks the pretense by saying he could arrest Steph for choosing Terry over him. Johnny confides in Steph that after his Dad died, he found out he was adopted and that his birth mother lived in Sheffield. He hasn't told his mother, but he's sat outside her house a few times unable to go in, terrified he will remind her of a man she wants to forget. Steph says he should tell her today and give her a chance – he's got nothing to lose… Dawn is at the Spakes' dreamily reciting her wedding ceremony. It all sounds so lavish. Russell takes this all in with a worried look on his face – Dawn's earned the money, and can do what she wants for the wedding, but is it what Russell wants? The next day at the Community Centre, Steph and Pauline are setting up for the recruitment meeting whilst the caretaker Gary is helping put out chairs. Steph is sorting out her Ann Summers items as Gary watches – he tells her he and his wife have been trying for a baby and the atmosphere between them has been sad of late. Steph suggests a party might bring the fun back but he lives way out in Berrington – an area they don't yet cover. Despite the distance, Steph hands Gary her card – maybe she can come over and have a chat with his wife. An uncomfortable Russell is being measured for his wedding suit. He can see himself in the mirror, whilst a proud Dawn moves next to him and links his arm. Russell is fidgety and uncomfortable whilst Dawn is busy dreaming of her wedding and talking about their future children's names. Russell has a moment and tells Dawn that he can't cope with all it all but can Dawn make him feel better? Terry, Dean and Joan are happily eating tea as Steph is heading out – she can't turn any offer of work down as Terry has be suspended from work due to fighting and lost a week's pay. Joan tells Terry to drive her to Berrington, but Steph is insistent on getting the bus whilst Terry watches Dean. Dawn is at the Spake's crying when Brian asks her if it's Russell or the idea of a big wedding she wants. Dawn realises that she's made a right pig's ear of this wedding lark, and wants Russell. Meanwhile the police escort Kieran out of his house. Nita arrives asking what's going on and Kieran tells her the police found his and Dougie's fingerprints in the car which was involved in the hit and run. Nita, thinking on her feet, says that Kieran was with her that night – she remembers it clearly. The police take Kieran away for questioning. Steph has arrived at Gary's and asks if his wife will be down soon but Gary tells her that he hasn't got a wife and that the party is for him. Gary prepares her a drink, whilst a fearful Steph tells him that there has been a mistake – these parties are for women only. Gary tells her there is no misunderstanding. He moves towards her and tells her she isn't going anywhere. She manages to fight him off and escape from the house. Steph runs down a desolate road and hides from Gary who is searching for her in his car but he closes in on her.. Stanley and Dawn run into the Matlocks house where they are holding a party for local business owners. Dawn shouts Russell's name as she enters the room and declares her love for him – he's her best friend, and she doesn't care where they get married. However Pauline isn't listening. She makes her excuses and leaves. At the Dempsey's, Nita greets Kieran who has been released by the police – Dougie told them their fingerprints were there because they had serviced the car before it was used in the hit and run. The police also believed Nita's testimony and now Nita is involved in Kieran's subterfuge. Kieran and Nita go to take the hidden money out in case the police decide to search the place but the money is missing – replaced with a note from Richie who has taken it and run away.

Episode Title: Episode 4
Airs: 2016-07-25 at 21:00