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Brief Encounters - S01 E06


Steph is excitingly talking through a plan to her friends for an exotic lingerie event filled with local women – the girls will recruit them and book parties. Pauline is sceptical… Dawn, Hellie, and Steph are leafleting in the middle of town when Dawn drags Steph into the police station. At the desk, Dawn tries to convince the world-weary Sarg that his wife and her friends should come to the event as Johnny walks into the station – he and Steph haven't seen each other since the wedding. PC Martin has some shocking news. At Pauline's house, Brian is in the midst of the usual morning chaos when Dawn tells him she has asked Russell to model at the big event. Brian is shocked at the thought of Russell on stage in front of all those women including Spake's customers. This cannot happen - they'll be a laughing stock. The next day, Johnny goes round to see Steph and asks for a favour to do with Pauline. Steph realises Pauline has lied to Johnny and starts to explain, but Terry walks in full of misunderstanding. At the Spakes' Brian walks in on Russell, apparently naked and dancing. Brian is at the end of his tether and calls a house meeting – he's got some news for Dawn and Russell. Steph goes to Barry's to see if Terry would like to watch Dean during the event. Terry carries on about Johnny and why she hasn't asked her new fella. Steph reiterates saying that it stopped being his house as soon as he slept with Lisa. Unbeknownst to either of them, Barry overhears. Pauline arrives at Steph's to help set up for the event. Steph confronts Pauline and asks why she lied to Johnny. Pauline is left in a terrible situation; not knowing which way to turn, should she entrust Steph with her secret? Nita rants to Kieren that she's reached the end of her tether with Dougie – Kieren must do something to keep that man away from the family! Meanwhile Barry shows Terry he knows the truth about him and Lisa. The day of the event. Nita is impressed when Richie comes down the stairs wearing new, expensive clothes. Richie says it's just for a job – another house clearance with Dougie, and he has been told to make an effort. Nita tells him to be careful. Later on there's a call from the police and Kieren frantically runs down to the station. Kieren knows what he has to do. At their nightclub venue, Steph is standing on stage peaking through the curtains at all the games, products and women giggling. She turns around to see Nita who compliments Steph for having done all of this. The two women hug. Pauline appears and Steph is surprised to see her – they all thought she wasn't coming. Pauline approaches Nita and deals a shocking blow; all the women are astounded. As Steph comes off stage where she's been helping lead the orgasmic bingo, Hellie tells her a fancy woman from Head Office has arrived. Did Steph tell them that they were doing this event? Are they in big trouble? To make matters worse Spotty Kevin does a runner, leaving with them with no male model. Outside, Terry waits for his chance to sneak into the venue. In the back room Nita clutches her stomach, the shock from Pauline's confrontation stabbing her with pain. What with Nita in labour, Dawn facing a restless audience, no male model, Johnny about to leave town, the woman from Head Office stunned, Terry lurking, Pauline in a state, and Steph on a precipice, how will this all unfold?

Episode Title: Episode 6
Airs: 2016-08-08 at 21:00