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What Would You Do - S13 E02

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Surrogate Mom: A surrogate mom excitedly tells the parents-to-be she is carrying twins, but they want only one baby and refuse to take the second one. How will bystanders react when the parents tell the surrogate to get rid of one of the babies?Drunk Cab Driver: A cab driver gets drunk on his lunch break and tries getting behind the wheel to continue his shift. How will bystanders react?Overwhelmed Caregiver: Our actors are a woman and her elderly mother, who needs help doing everything. Traci is at her wit's end – all of the emotion she's bottled up about having to care for her mom boils up and overflows. She complains to her mother about being overwhelmed, and her mother reacts nastily, saying things like, "I'm the one who should be overwhelmed. You're stupid and forgetful." What will people do?Teacher/Student: A teacher is out with her student helping him "study" when some inappropriate PDA between them starts up. They begin to discuss their relationship, and there seems to be something more going on between them than just tutoring. Do others speak up to protect the boy or stay quiet? Eating Disorder: Three teen girls are eating lunch together. One of the girls is curious how the other two stay so skinny despite the bad food they eat. They admit to her that they binge and purge, and they encourage her to do the same. How will other diners react to the two "skinny" girls pressuring their friend to take up their unhealthy habit?

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: 2016-06-24 at 21:00