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What Would You Do - S13 E01

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A customer is bullying a supermarket employee with Down syndrome. Will customers step up and defend him or go about their business?A mother and her two daughters enter a local donut shop. The mother refuses to let one of her daughters get a donut because the girl is "overweight." Will onlookers intervene or let this mother parent her children the way she chooses?A mother and her children are shopping in a supermarket when the children begin to misbehave. To discipline this behavior the mother begins spraying a bottle of water in the kids' faces. Will onlookers support this mother's decision or be outraged?A pharmacist is loudly disclosing potentially embarrassing information about one of the people waiting online at prescription pick-up. Will someone tell the pharmacist to quiet down or will everyone listen in?A young girl is testing out a demo video game in the store when two boys begin harassing her, telling her "girls can't play video games." Will any of the customers come to the young girl's defense?

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-06-17 at 21:00