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Family Finders - S02 E13


Basharat Najib has been trying to trace his grandmother Ellen for his mother Yasmin for ten years. As a young girl, Yasmin was adopted by her stepfather and grew up with his family in Pakistan. She married a local man and returned to England with him and their children in the 1950s. Basharat has yet to find Yasmin's birth mother but has found two half-sisters of Yasmin's. We also meet twins Janet and Michael. When their mother died, they became aware of a family secret - while their father was away fighting during WWII, their mum had become pregnant, and the baby girl had been given up for adoption. Janet and Michael had given up hope of finding their half-sister, until a change in the law allowed relatives of people given up for adoption to contact them. They finally meet their half-sister, and a newly found letter may give a clue as to who her father was.

Episode Title: Episode 13
Airs: 2016-06-09 at 11:00