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Weight for Love - S01 E03


In episode three we meet Bob and Jane, who are locked in a cycle of over-eating and excessive drinking that makes them so unhappy it is threatening to drive them apart. Eating vast meals and drinking up to 25 bottles of wine a week has replaced having fun in their relationship. Over the past few years they have both piled on the pounds, and Bob readily admits that he no longer finds Jane attractive. Professor Tanya Byron and her team separate them for 10 weeks. She discovers that unhappiness sits at the root of Jane's drinking and arranges a meeting for Jane and her adult daughter to try and resolve a long-standing issue.Meanwhile fitness expert Rick Shakes-Braithwaite introduces the couple to the fun of exercise and Bob, a former, semi-professional footballer, initially starts off enthusiastically. But mid-way through the experiment he's back at the pub with his old friends, ignoring advice from Professor Paul Dolan on controlled drinking. Will hearing his daughter's concern for his health, and a heart-to-heart with Rick about the importance of knuckling down in order to save his relationship do the trick?

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2016-06-01 at 20:00