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After an initially promising start, rifts have started to open up in the partnerships and the project is in jeopardy: the teenage partners think the senior partners aren't listening to them, and they're not happy. With an oral English exam pending for the Year 11 students we meet Marlon, Charisma, Bethany and Chloe, who all want to practice their speaking and listening skills. Marlon's partner is 65 year-old Vic, who offers for the Senior Partners to help in a mock exam, but tensions soon run high when Vic's line of questions offends the students - and Chloe walks out. Keen to tackle the growing ill-feeling, 13 year-old Kyrone has an idea for everyone to come together and air their concerns in a joint meeting. Impressed by his peace-making approach, Si and Dave are keen for Kyrone to chair the meeting himself to try resolve the issues. Meanwhile, 13 year-old Kimberly comes up with the idea of an Intergenerational Games, where old and young get active and enjoy themselves - with Kimberly excelling in the role of host and chief organiser.

Episode Title: Episode 2
Airs: 2016-05-17 at 21:00