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Joining Russell Kane is the rock ‘n' roll, heartthrob internet star, Mazzi Maz. The useless pair are chased across Poland by scary-looking guards with dogs. Our hapless heroes are convinced that, even though they have no evasion or tracking skills or any ability to speak a word in Polish, they can evade capture by using just their mobile phones. They are sorely mistaken! They'll use the phone in any way they know how: video-calling experts, referring to YouTube survivalists and how-to sites, and calling upon their Twitter followers - anything. By relying on satnav over a traditional map, the duo find themselves in a derelict, deserted town. There, they video call a teenage doomsday-prepper who helps them convert rubbish into treasure by giving them warmth. But can their phone help them hotwire a motorbike or drive a military tank? They'll quickly need to learn how to camouflage themselves to avoid getting chewed up by the guard's dogs. But perhaps their biggest challenge comes in the shape of having to make a choice between starving to death or skinning a rabbit the size of a domestic cat.

Episode Title: Poland
Airs: 2016-05-29 at 12:00