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Taylor tries to compose herself after throwing heated accusations against Brooke. She assures Brooke that she will now focus on Jack. Meanwhile, Nick ignores his mother's pleas to reunite with Brooke because the situation will continue to be very difficult for Taylor. Later, Taylor returns home and the women (she and Jackie) have an argument about Brooke. Nick brings Brooke the photos of the two of them with Hope and R.J., explaining how Taylor found them. Brooke assures Nick that Taylor will keep it together. Alone in her bedroom, Taylor flashes back to all her recent encounters with Brooke. Still haunted by visions of her nemesis with Jack and Nick, she is desperately screaming for Brooke to go away. Then, Taylor sees a bottle of vodka and takes a deep swig.

Episode Title: Thurs Jan 24 2008
Airs: 2008-01-24 at 13:30