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Scrappers - S02 E03


Terry is so fed up he hasn't been to work for a week. Lyndsay confides to daughter Cathy that he's burnt himself out. When Terry pops in to the yard, he complains to Debs and Michelle that Lyndsay should have a go at telling the lads what to do. Upstairs in the office, Lyndsay announces she and Terry will do a role swap. It can't come soon enough - downstairs, Terry is rowing with Lee. When he gets home, he's still in a bad mood, and he and Lyndsay have words.Next morning, there's snow everywhere, and the lads aren't convinced that Lyndsay's going to make it through the day. She arrives late but gets stuck in. And, with a rumour about an accident, she's got plenty of challenges. Young Dean denies hitting anyone with the forklift but Lyndsay tells him not to drive it anyway. As she spots more safety issues, her patience is tested, but she stays calm.Terry arrives and heads to the office, where the girls ease him in gently. As the day goes on, Terry and Lyndsay get an insight into what the other faces, as he struggles with making bank payments and she finds her softly-softly approach isn't working. She hits the financial target, but is shocked when the lads don't follow her orders about safety. Lyndsay realises the problems are bigger than just Terry's temper. At their favourite restaurant, she persuades Terry they need a management consultant to help them make fundamental changes.

Episode Title: With Or Without You
Airs: 2016-03-15 at 22:00