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Scrappers - S02 E01


Terry has brought Lyndsay breakfast in bed on her 50th birthday. They hope it will be a new beginning, because they've just had the year from hell. After financial difficulties and a serious accident, it's a miracle they're still trading. Now it's their last chance to get the yard running right, so they can hand it on to the kids.Terry's trying to drum health and safety into the lads, and has decided to lose a day's takings and put them in a training session on cutting tools. It's money they can ill-afford to sacrifice - Lyndsay reveals that a few months ago they put their previous company into liquidation and used their own personal money to open a new business on the same site.In the yard, the training is falling apart - the workshop is a mess and Terry shouts at the lads about how the safety inspectors could close them down. Terry is frustrated and everyone feels the stress, although they all get through the training in the end.At least there's something to look forward to - daughters Jemma and Cathy have organised a surprise party for Lyndsay. It's a great success, and it seems the yard and the family are back on track.

Episode Title: Many Happy Returns
Airs: 2016-03-01 at 22:00