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Big Fish Texas - S01 E05


When Nick learns that he's 10,000 pounds short on a snapper order, he turns to Hans and Kenny for help. Kenny has been Katie's Seafood's go-to guy for years, but his cocky nephew Hans claims to be the best fisherman in the family. The two decide to split the order, and settle the score by competing to catch 5K pounds of snapper first. Meanwhile, Buddy is involved in his own battle: recreational fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico are illegally catching snapper out of their season, and Buddy takes it upon himself to find out who's behind this and prevent them from damaging the fishery. Adding to the challenges at Katie's Seafood, Ricky struggles to fix problems with the online shipping boxes after a customer complains of spoiled fish.

Episode Title: Clash of the Guindons
Airs: 2016-03-02 at 21:00