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Tiny House Hunting - S03 E21


Emily and Julian are constantly on the road, and that means their 1500 sq./ft. home is way more than they're using. The backyard, on the other hand, is ripe for a tiny addition. With the help of local real estate agent Erica Petroff, they set out to find a tiny, mobile home that they can plunk in their backyard while they rent out the main house. The plan gets a little bit harder to implement than originally planned when they both discover that going tiny requires rethinking basic fundamentals. Will Emily find a place that has the light she needs for her photography? Will Julian be able to keep them on budget? Will either of them find a bathroom that works? The road to tiny looks like it's gonna get a little bumpy.

Episode Title: Big Travelers Need Tiny Home In Nashville
Airs: 2016-02-27 at 21:30