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The Boonies - S01 E03


"Above the Grid" in Onion Creek, Washington, Doc and Jeanny Leverett depend on their garden to maintain a nutrient-rich diet. But after a black bear wreaks havoc on their plants, they are forced to find a new way to protect this crucial resource. "Beyond the Grid," in the Clearwater Mountains of Idaho, Bear Claw relies on his horses to travel the ridgelines and transport essential resources to camp. When his packhorse, Idahe, suffers from symptoms of equine arthritis, he must quickly adapt to find a new way to haul the supplies he desperately needs. "Below the Grid," in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Joe Ray prefers to spend his time underground – and he is always searching for ways to expand his underground world. Today, Joe searches for a new cave to explore, in hopes of finding new caverns to use and resources to utilize. "Outside the Grid," on Beaver Island, Dan Burton must stockpile supplies– and out here, Dan doesn't rely on a trip to the grocery store to provide for his family.

Episode Title: Into the Abyss
Airs: 2016-02-02 at 21:00