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Jericho - S01 E03


With the cloud of Bamford (Mark Addy) no longer hanging over the town, Coates (Clarke Peters) now has the reins of Jericho firmly in his grasp. But in a bid to protect its inhabitants from rogue traders, Coates makes himself fierce enemies, which will have grave consequences for not just him but for the whole of Jericho. Bamford’s departure also means that Annie and her family can begin to settle down. With her regular money coming in from her lodgers, George (Sam Bottomley) employed by Coates and Martha (Amy James-Kelly) earning a wage at the tavern, Annie’s main concern seems to be batting-off the not unwelcome attention of Johnny Jackson (Hans Matheson). But any closeness between them is soon shattered by terrible news – Martha has fallen sick with fever. And the fever is spreading. Charles (Daniel Rigby) and Isabella (Jeany Spark) agree to put their troubled relationship behind them in order to forge ahead and raise capital for the viaduct. But when a ghost from Charles’ past comes knocking at the door, no one can imagine how explosive the consequences will be. Panic grows as Martha’s condition worsens and, as the fever continues to spread, word gets out that it has taken its first victim. It’s essential that Martha sees a doctor, but Coates’ row with the traders has created an obstacle – the road into town is barricaded and violently manned. With Martha’s breathing growing ever shallower, how will they find help in time to save her? Annie (Jessica Raine) has an idea, but she’s unaware of the hornet’s nest that’s waiting to be upturned. In trying to save Martha’s life, the dead will come back to life, and the future of the viaduct will once again be in jeopardy.

Episode Title: Episode 3
Airs: 2016-01-21 at 21:00