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Dickensian - S01 E15


Captain Hawdon secretly visits Honoria for a good luck kiss before his interview to achieve promotion: it seems everything is going their way. However, Honoria is stunned when she discovers that Frances scuppered his first chance of promotion and forged a letter to Sir Leicester. As tempers flare and the argument threatens to spiral out of control there are alarming consequences for Honoria.Meanwhile Arthur and Jaggers express their doubts to Amelia about Compeyson. On the way back from buying a wedding present, Amelia spots Compeyson embracing Sally, leaving her devastated.Elsewhere another body is discovered and - in a show of no confidence - Bucket is removed from the case. His replacement, Inspector Thompson, beats a confession out of a suspect but Bucket is convinced the murders were committed by two different killers.Mr Bumble's interview was a disaster but he is given a second chance - his workhouse will be inspected in two weeks time.Fagin returns from prison to find Bill Sikes holding a bag of cash for Nancy. Fagin knows that the money is his, but as Bill stands with a snarling Bullseye, there is little Fagin can do.

Episode Title: Episode 15
Airs: 2016-02-04 at 20:00