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Dickensian - S01 E12


It's the day of the important shareholders' meeting and Amelia invites Compeyson to attend and ensure that Arthur behaves.Compeyson hopes that she will flounder in this environment and realise she needs his assistance in running the business. However, an unexpected encounter with someone from his past delays him and when he finally arrives at the meeting he sees a thrilled Amelia, relishing in her success. Compeyson realises that he must do something extraordinary to get his hands on her inheritance.Meanwhile, Inspector Bucket and his men storm into Croucher's Warehouse and make a shocking discovery. Fagin arrives immediately afterwards and Bucket arrests him, confident that he now has something to link him to the murder of Jacob Marley.Elsewhere, Peter gives the money he saved for Nell's birthday to his mother after seeing her weep over Tim's poor health, and Mrs. Gamp may have outstayed her welcome with Silas.

Episode Title: Episode 12
Airs: 2016-01-27 at 20:00