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Dickensian - S01 E16


Honoria Barbary is going into labour. Her waters break just as she is planning to leave the family home, leaving her stranded and at her most vulnerable with her older sister Frances. Edward Barbary isn't at home and even the maid has the day off so the two girls are entirely alone.Not knowing the first thing about childbirth, Frances sends note with a messenger boy to Captain Hawdon requesting a doctor. The boy finds Hawdon in the pub, drunk and loudly bemoaning his lot. Seeing the note is from Frances, Hawdon throws it into the fire without reading it. What repercussions will this drunken decision have for Honoria and her unborn child?Back at the house, emotions are running high as the intensity of the crisis brings out all the suppressed feelings between the two sisters, bringing them closer. However, Frances is left with a terrible decision to make.

Episode Title: Dickensian
Airs: 2016-02-11 at 20:00