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Drama . Crime . Mystery

Marlott visits the house of artist and printmaker William Blake who is on his deathbed, but he receives Marlott as a prophet of things to come. Marlott confers with Nightingale who has been keeping watch on a public house, The Fortune of War, which is situated opposite St Barts hospital in Smithfield. This is where the body snatchers gather, along with their “goods” which they sell at the hospital. Marlott identifies one body snatcher, Pritty, as potentially helpful, and he and Nightingale set up a cunning ‘sting’ which brings him into their service. Pritty is most indignant; body snatching is not illegal. He considers himself to be a businessman and hotly denies anything to do with the sutured child – though he does know of a gang who might not shrink at darker acts. Marlott charges him to arrange a meeting with them. Marlott is visited by a Lady Hervey, a beautiful and fervent aristocrat – and a devoted Christian. She passionately opposes the Anatomy Act because she believes it will lead to a world without God. She begs Marlott to do whatever he can to stop the act being passed. Marlott attends an anatomy lecture at St Barts, given by Garnet Chester the flamboyant cousin of Sir William, who performs a galvanizing experiment on a young corpse. As the dead arm twitches to a sensational response from the students, the lecture is disrupted by anti Anatomy Act supporters. Marlott follows them to a public debate being conducted by a powerful MP, Bentley Warburton, who attempts to rouse the poor about the horrors of public dissection and urges them to demonstrate about the coming Anatomy Act. A curious eye meets Marlott’s – young journalist Boz is writing a story about the coming act and Marlott quizzes him. Boz sets his sights on unraveling the secrets behind Marlott’s quest.

Episode Title: Seeing Things
Airs: 2015-11-18 at 05:00 PM