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Intelligence and adaptability allow primates to tackle the many challenges of life, and this is what makes our closest relatives so successful. This resourcefulness has enabled primates to conquer an incredible diversity of habitat. Hamadryas baboons live on the open plains of Ethiopia in groups up to 400 strong. Strength in numbers gives them some protection from potential predators. But, should their path cross with other baboon troops, it can lead to all-out battle, as males try to steal females from one another, and even settle old scores. Japanese macaques are the most northerly-dwelling primates and they experience completely different challenges. Some beat the freezing conditions by having access to a thermal spa in the middle of winter. But this privilege is only for those born of the right female bloodline. For western lowland gorillas, it's the male silverback that leads his family group in the rich forests of the Congo basin. He advertises his status to all with a powerful chest-beating display. Most primates are forest dwellers, and one of the strangest is the tarsier – the only purely carnivorous primate. As it hunts for insects the tarsier leaps from tree to tree in the dead of night, using its huge forward-facing eyes to safely judge each jump. Good communication is essential for success in primate society.

Episode Title: Primates
Airs: 2009-12-14 at 09:00 PM
  • Hal Boedeker

    Secret Life feels a lot more authentic than many teen dramas.

    Orlando Sentinel Full Review
  • Linda Stasi

    The show, like the old "90210" and "The O.C.," looks to be--from its premiere, at any rate--a top-flight series about a group of high school students, most of whom I liked immediately.

    New York Post Full Review
  • David Zurawik

    As entertainment, the pilot is a most impressive work of economic and focused storytelling.

    Baltimore Sun Full Review
  • Ken Tucker

    Woodley's performance lifts a well-meaning, rather brave, but ramshackle show a notch. [8 Aug 2008, p.53]

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Rob Owen

    It's far more realistic in scope and situations than "Gossip Girl," but there's such an earnestness and one-dimensionality to the characters that they seem a lot less believable.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Full Review
  • David Hinckley

    Shailene Woodley is terrific as the teen in question. Unfortunately, other parts of the show feel so contrived they border on soap opera parody.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Matt Roush

    A good girl’s surprise pregnancy is a strong premise, but creator Brenda Hampton (7th Heaven) undercuts it by surrounding Amy with an uninspired ensemble of precociously cardboard classmates.

    TV Guide Magazine Full Review
  • Robert Lloyd

    It feels thin, mechanical and confused.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Brian Lowry

    From the tramp to the Christians, everyone but Amy feels more like a type than a genuine character. Although a degree of shorthand is to be forgiven, these characters are caricatures at best as the series careens all over the place.

    Variety Full Review
  • James Poniewozik

    Campily depicting high school as a den of sluts and predators, Secret achieves the noble goal of making sex thoroughly unsexy.

    Time Full Review
  • Verne Gay

    The pilot was so uneven that the whole affair nearly veers into "Reefer Madness" territory--the kind of over-the-top cautionary fable that subverts honorable intentions through hysteria or cliche. Despite its pedigree, Teenager doesn't appear to have ever stepped inside a high school, either.

    Newsday Full Review
  • Ray Richmond

    This new ABC Family effort from Brenda Hampton (“7th Heaven”) works feverishly to make an educational institution look like the equivalent of a Nevada brothel but succeeds mostly in transforming high school to high camp. Were these stereotypes any more simplistic, they’d need to come with their own parental warning label.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Alessandra Stanley

    ABC Family means well but could not have done worse. Secret Life doesn’t take the fun out of teenage pregnancy, it takes the fun out of television.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Misha Davenport

    It's a shallow portrait of youth, and I can't see how Hampton and her team of writers will be able to sustain things over the course of the series if this continues to be the focus.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Joanna Weiss

    Nothing about it feels original or even especially timely, and it certainly doesn't reveal any great secrets about society.

    Boston Globe Full Review