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Romance . Comedy

Boy Meets Girl returns for a second series. Judy (Rebecca Root) and Leo (Harry Hepple) are in love, committed to one another and making plans for a future together. Their respective families are very supportive but cannot help sticking their noses in and causing a fair amount of chaos along the way.Leo and Judy are living together happily at Peggy's (Jane Duvitski) house, even if there's not a lot of privacy to be had with Jackie in residence too. However, when Leo receives an enticing job offer - at the same time that Peggy starts experiencing some worrying health issues - the couple's relationship faces a major challenge and there are big questions to be resolved. Anji is alarmed to find that the salon has issues with rats but Jackie turns the situation to her advantage when she hooks up with the pest controller. Tony (Nigel Betts) cooks up a plan to use his redundancy money to start a new business venture and James (Jonny Dixon) has a surprising romantic encounter - and is even more surprised to find that he might, finally, be joining the workforce.

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-07-06 at 22:00