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The story of Henry III, who was only 9 years old when his father died and left him with a miserable legacy. King John had lost most of the empire in France and nearly bankrupted the rest of the lands. He signed into the Magna Carta, leaving his son's hands tied. Henry's real problem, however came from his dreaming, he was a poor leader and the barons took advantage of this, refusing to give him the funds he required. Henry knew he needed a new ally and chose a minor French nobleman called Simon de Montfort. Simon and Henry began working together, with Simon becoming a court favourite, receiving money, land and Henry's sister. The relationship between the two however soon led to numerous arguments over money, power and religion. Henry's empire was soon plunged into a civil war as Simon turned on him. Henry's son, Edward saved the empire killing Simon in the Battle of Evesham in 1265.

Episode Title: Hatred
Airs: 2014-12-4 at 09:00 pm