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Dan looks at the astonishing story of the beginning of the Plantagenet era. The era began with King Henry II in charge, a dashing and energetic warrior who transformed England from it's once violent and lawless state into the heart of the European empire. His success however was soon undone by a number of betrayals, by his best friend Thomas à Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who raised armies against him. The root of Henry's issues go back to his want to control every aspect of the kingdom, which soon turned into a massive falling out with Becket, who managed to turn the church against the King. Henry's family were infuriated too, as they believed they'd never have any power. The Kings wife soon led her son's into a surprising allegiance with the Kings enemy, King Louis of France. Henry continuously refused to relinquish power and the conflict soon destroyed family life and led the Plantagenet era into that of one of chaos and bloodshed.

Episode Title: Betrayal
Airs: 2014-11-27 at 09:00 pm