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Crusade - S01 E09

Drama . Sci-Fi & Fantasy . Action . Sci-Fi

On a world that appears to be dead, the Excalibur discovers equations for propulsion, energy creation, alloy-making -- almost everything but medical technology. Capt. Matthew Gideon is as concerned for a cure as Max Eilerson is ecstatic about their discoveries. Dr. Sarah Chambers, however is more worried at the possibilities suggested by her discoveries: dozens of flakes of DNA from several dozen different alien races from over the past 50 years -- yet no one has announced they discovered the planet before now.Dureena Nafeel, in her separate explorations, has also discovered something disturbing: an apparent cache of globes.When another discovers the eviscerated body of a crewman, and the landing party is attacked, Capt. Gideon immediately leads the attacker away. After a death-defying chase, he manages to escape with Galen's help.Yet the technomage's help may best be applied in a different way. Using an homunculus spell, Galen decides to discover how the crewman was killed -- and why.

Episode Title: Racing the Night
Airs: 1999-08-4 at 10:00 pm