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The Shield - S02 E01


While Vic searches for his wife and children, the Strike Team has increased the number of drug shipments they allow to come into the Farmington district through their corrupt U.S. Customs contact. The newest shipment turns out to be poisoned and Vic and the Strike Team are forced to go to Tijuana to track down the man responsible, Navaro Quintero, and retrieve their money from him. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette investigate brutal murders committed by Navaro's brother, Armadillo, in his bid to unify Farmington street gangs under his leadership. With the help of a seasoned Tijuana policeman, Vic finds Navaro then kidnaps him and extorts his money back by using Armadillo's brutal tactics. He then smuggles Navaro over the U.S. border and arrests him. Meanwhile as Julien teaches a young offender the difference between right and wrong, he falls for and decides to ask his mother out for a date.

Episode Title: The Quick Fix
Airs: 2003-01-7 at 10:00 pm