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The Shield - S04 E09


Dutch and Claudette convince Monica to make them primaries on the case. They interrogate Gideon, the man who was supposedly coming to rape the 911 caller, but discover he was never in the area. Then they bring in Roger, a mentally ill homeless man who saw the missing officers before they disappeared. But getting information from Roger is next to impossible – he will only tell them what he knows once he is sworn in and gets his own badge. Dutch listens to Roger's riddles and repeated references to the officers getting 'dragged down,' and discovers a manhole near the house where they disappeared. In the manhole, he discovers blood and a necklace with the initials JP. Vic, Monica, David, and several unis finally find the officers stabbed to death in a seized house. Monica's suspicion of Antwon's involvement in the murders is confirmed and she considers this a message against her seizure policy. She sends units out to pick up Antwon and bring him to the Barn for interrogation.

Episode Title: String Theory
Airs: 2005-05-17 at 10:00 pm