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The Shield - S03 E11


Vic and the strike team are back out on the streets on a routine bust when a banger takes a shot at Shane. When they shakedown the shooter, they find themselves in the middle of a prescription drug running ring. As they follow that lead, they find something bigger than they expected. Using Danny to go undercover as a soccer mom running drugs on the side, they discover a complex money laundering scheme being run out of a custom car outfit. Meanwhile, Dutch gets the word that Will, the Cuddler rapist, is ready to talk. Will's wife, Joanna, is also waiting at the Barn to talk to Will who completely refuses to communicate with her. As Dutch plays middle man between Will and his wife, he attempts to get inside the mind of a killer and why he did what he did. Will mocks Dutch's text book analysis and in turn, psychologically digs into Dutch.

Episode Title: Strays
Airs: 2004-05-18 at 10:00 pm