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The Shield - S03 E05


When Shane fails to show up at the hospital to see how Tavon is doing after his shocking car accident, Vic pays a visit to his apartment and immediately notices something amiss. Shane and Mara lie to cover up the fact that a violent fight between Shane and Tavon occurred. But Vic is on to Mara and Shane's involvement and soon gets the confession he expected. Vic keeps his cool and decides to take charge and help Shane and Mara further cover up what happened to protect the Strike Team. In the midst of the Tavon crisis, Claudette decides to appoint the Strike Team to a routine hooker sweep, despite Vic's protests. When Vic and his team flip a collar who's smuggling contraband into local prisons, they decide to abandon their routine hooker sweep to follow the lead on this bigger case. They're sidetracked when there's word that David has discovered a perp who may know something about the Money train heist and the men responsible. The strike team races to get David off the scent, but not before David gets himself in serious trouble with the darker side of Farmington. Meanwhile, Dutch discovers the Cuddler rapist has struck again. Danny and Julian take on a stalker case of a woman being harassed by her ex-boyfriend.

Episode Title: Mum
Airs: 2004-04-6 at 10:00 pm