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The Shield - S03 E04


When a high profile car jacking case involving a public official is declared by Aceveda as the Barn's main focus, the feuding Strike Team and Decoy Squad decide to place an unusual bet over who'll be the first to bust the culprit. The bet? Losing team has to streak the Barn. Dutch investigates an attempted murder case between two brothers that involves a repeated case of acute food poisoning. He uses hostile tactics to get a confession from one of the brothers whom he believes is at fault for trying to kill the other brother. With Claudette's absence due to overseeing the Decoy and Strike Team, Dutch soon finds himself in hot water and needs her help on the case to bail him out. As the two rival teams race to find the culprit of the car jacking case, tension between Shane and Tavon only gets worse and eventually explodes with shocking results when a fist fight leads to Tavon getting in a horrible car crash. Meanwhile Danny begins to think she'd be a better influence on Julien as a partner when she and Lucas respond to a domestic abuse call at Julien's house. Vic and the Strike Team eventually prevail and nab the car-jacking culprit, proving that they are still on top.

Episode Title: Streaks And Tips
Airs: 2004-03-30 at 10:00 pm