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Soap . Drama

Eddie blames Esperanza for his fight with Julius and swears to get revenge. Meanwhile, even as his wife, Marcie, continues to press him about his emotional distance, Randal meets Alex for another tryst in the shed. This time, they are almost caught by Brad, who has his own suspicions about Alex's behavior. Elsewhere, Natalie lays down the law when Joey gets a job working at Burger Fast, and Lushion gets hired onto the police force as Eddie's partner. Finally, Kelly comes to grips with her new reality without Travis and makes plans to sell the house she just bought. Marcie proves to be a good friend to Kelly when she confides in her about her own situation. Later, the ladies rally around Kelly as they share their experiences of life after love.

Episode Title: After Heartbreak
Airs: 2014-10-14 at 09:00 pm