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Grantchester - S02E01

Mystery . Drama . Crime

It's 1954, and just outside the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester, local vicar Sidney Chambers [James Norton] is enjoying a glorious picnic with his best friend, DI Geordie Keating [Robson Green], Geordie's family, Sidney's shy curate Leonard Finch [Al Weaver] and their grumpy housekeeper Mrs Maguire [Tessa Peake-Jones]. Walking home, their happy day is cut short when DC Phil Wilkinson [Lorne Macfadyen] arrests Sidney – and the charge is sexual assault. Doting father Harding Redmond [Neil Morrissey] is the source of the accusation, horrified at the claims made in the diary of his teenage daughter, Abigail [Gracie Brooke], who has now gone missing, along with the diary itself. After being grilled by DCI Benson [David Troughton], Sidney sets out to prove his innocence, but not before the Archdeacon [Geoff McGivern] sends Sidney's old friend Reverend Sam Milburn [Andrew Knott] over from the neighbouring parish to check up on him. Questioning Abigail's friends at the village youth club, Sidney discovers she had recently spent time with local photographer Daniel Marlowe [Oliver Dimsdale]. Sidney and Geordie discover Daniel's studio is empty – except for the lifeless body of Abigail.With Daniel missing, Sidney and Geordie talk to local teenager Gary Bell [Sam Frenchum], who had previously been accused by Abigail's father of inappropriate behaviour toward her, as well as her family and friends. However, as more and more secrets begin to surface about Abigail's life, it becomes clear that no one knew her as well as they thought. Only by finding her missing diary can Sidney and Geordie pinpoint exactly who was responsible for her death – but will the answer damage their friendship forever?  

Episode Title: Episode 1
Airs: 2016-03-02 at 21:00
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  • 1. Therell Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Performer: Gloria Dee and her Quartet Stream Music Online
  • 3. I Aint Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares About Me) Performer: Gloria Dee and her Quartet Stream Music Online
  • 6. Bill Bailey, Wont You Please Come Home Performer: Gloria Dee and her Quartet Stream Music Online