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Trailer Park Boys - S01 E03

Drama . Crime . Comedy

Even though Ricky is out of jail, Lucy won't take him back unless he gets some kind of job and stops living in Julian's car. But unfortunately for Ricky, there are only two things he is good at: growing dope and something sexual that Lucy won't talk about. So Ricky reluctantly agrees to star in J-ROC's adult film, From Russia With The Love Bone, to get some money for hydroponic gear. With Bubbles acting as the second lead character, the filming encounters some "testicle difficulties" and Ricky ultimately has to drop out of the production just as J-ROC's mom busts in on set with Randy and Mr. Lahey who confiscates the tape. Mr. Lahey wants Ricky out of his hair, so he blackmails him: either Ricky leaves the park or Lahey will show the tape to Lucy. Without knowing what else to do, Ricky turns to Julian who manages to gain possession of the tape without anyone killing Mr. Lahey (or Randy). But the whole experience leaves Julian with a terrible secret he can share with no one, nomesayin?

Episode Title: Mr. Lahey's Got My Porno Tape!
Airs: 2001-05-6 at 12:00 am