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The housemates realise that it is the last eviction before the final and discuss how they feel about it. Edele admits she didn’t get much sleep because of the pending eviction. A goose flies over the house and the housemates get excited by it, believing it is symbolic. Ricci is choosing his eviction outfit. Lauren and Ricci talk about nerves before the evictions. Gary has a discussion with Big Brother in which he says he is going to be in the final, the rudeness of two people in the house and why people are so afraid of him. The task of today is called “Game Players” putting housemates to the test and seeing who the biggest game player is. The first round is called “Who are they nominating?” The housemates have to guest who they are going to nominate from video clips. The second round of the game is called “Who said what?” where housemates must guess correctly who said each quote. The final round is a poll made up of 13,000 viewers; Housemates must guess correctly what the viewers had thought. housemates are preparing for the eviction. Lauren is upset that Ricci doesn’t help her with packing anymore. Ricci and Lauren are asked to leave the house in a surprise twist – together! Later in the evening Big Brother gathers the housemates to tell them they are Celebrity Big Brother finalist – they clap and cheer. The housemates join the Diary Room to talk about their experience in the house. The scene ends with them all dancing to Frank Sinatra’s, ‘I Did It My Way’.

Episode Title: Day 24
Airs: 2014-09-11 at urday