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Highlights are shown of life from within the house. Following the explosive row between Gary and Dee, there’s now an awkward atmosphere in the house. Edele and Lauren think that they need some space to get over it. Audley talks to Big Brother about Gary. Edele tells Audley that today is her daughter’s third birthday. The celebrities are informed by Big Brother that the viewers have been voting to decide who should receive a letter from home and that they have voted for Edele. Edele then has to choose between Gary and George as to who receives theirs and she selects Gary. Gary is given then given the choice between Dee and Audley and he selects Audley. Audley is given a choice between Lauren, James and Ricci and he thinks James deserves his. Gary talks to himself in the bedroom about his lives on different planes of existence. Gary chats to James and Dee in the garden. The chosen celebrities receive their letters from home which are read out to them. Lauren tells Ricci he will be her friend for life after they have a misunderstanding. Edele reads her letter again in the bedroom. Ricci is feeling bit upset with Lauren for siding with Gary instead of Dee. Lauren talks to Edele in bedroom and tells her she doesn’t fee she has anybody to talk to. After they go to the garden when James complains they are being too noisy, Lauren tells her that she is still in love with her ex boyfriend. Ricci tells James that he feels like he has been used by Lauren.

Episode Title: Day 22
Airs: 2014-09-9 at urday