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Hamtaro - S02 E01

Fantasy . Family . Action & Adventure . Animation

Laura is busy, working on a story for a story-writing contest that's being held in her town. Her story is about two star-crossed lovers and a jealous old wizard. The crabby old wizard at first tries to separate them. However, he eventually realizes the error of his ways. He creates a rainbow bridge to bring them back together and the lovers cross the stars. The stars are still up there today, it's the Milky Way. Hamtaro heads to the clubhouse, where he comments about trying to figure out what all the decorations around town are for. Snoozer talks in his sleep about story-writing contest and a Milky Way festival. Maxwell's seen some signs for it and explains it to the ham-hams. The ham-hams decide that they too should make up stories. Maxwell starts up with something about astronomy, which causes Dexter to shoot back that a story should be something he makes up, not something from a science book. Then, Oxnard shows up the clubhouse, very excited.

Episode Title: Pepper's Visit! (a.k.a. The Star Festival)
Airs: 2001-07-13 at