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Red Shoe Diaries - S01 E11

Romance . Drama

A female bounty hunter is hired to find a man named Oliver Dunbar, who seduces women and steals money from them. She was hired by the last woman he conned. She locates him at a truck stop. She pretends to be a damsel in distress and when he had his guard down she pulls a gun and handcuffs him. She tries to call her employer but Dunbar, who has gotten out of the cuffs, pulls a gun on her. He handcuffs her and reveals that he got the key which was on her neck. They flirt a bit but Dunbar tries to make a break for it. She then gets out of the cuffs and chases him down and handcuffs the two of them together. He tries to talk her into letting him go and they end up making love. When her employer arrives, she kneed him and turned him over to her and she received her payment. Jake, who was reading her letter, says that her employer didn't turn Dunbar in, but got him out of the country and the two of them live in an island off Belize.

Episode Title: The Bounty Hunter
Airs: 0000-00-0 at urday
  • Ken Tucker

    Diaries is Penthouse magazine crossed with a J. Crew catalog. ... For sheer sustained kookiness, Diaries is more entertaining than most sexy TV shows, but its insidious, numbing dumbness seems to demand some sort of protection — a new product, perhaps: a brain condom.

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