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The Next Step - S01 E17

Family . Drama . Romance

Emily confronts Michelle for her placement in the back row saying Michelle put her in the back row because Michelle has a enormous crush on Eldon. Michelle denies this but later admits in the confessional that she does have a "little" crush on him. Eldon comforts Emily and after they talk a little, they share a kiss. Eldon talks to Michelle about Emily's line placement and Michelle promises she will switch Emily and Eldon's positions. Meanwhile, Stephanie auditions for a commercial and the director likes her but says behind her back that he hated her, Stephanie overhears this and is embarrassed. Riley begins to make math cue cards for James. But states that they're just friends when confronted by Tiffany. Michelle reveals she will switch Emily and Eldon and everyone disagrees but they let her do it anyway. Then Riley runs in and tells everyone that Emily and Stephanie are leaving the studio shocking and angering everyone. Title Reference: Forget You by Cee Lo Green

Episode Title: Forget You
Airs: 2013-10-4 at 07:30 pm