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Digimon Fusion - S01 E19

Adventure . Action . Animation

DarkKnightmon and Nene have made their way into the Guardian of the Jungle Zone's dwelling after Stingmon was saved by a mysterious light and dragged through the glowing doors. Xros Heart tries to get in but are met with a barrier that Lilamon tells them they can only enter by showing Deckerdramon a display of love and devotion through the legendary "Love Love Dance". Akari and Zenjirou are the ones who have to do the dance as a couple but refuse out of embarrassment, insisting they are not a couple. Will they be able to break into the barrier to save Nene and protect Stingmon and Deckerdramon!? Meanwhile Tactimon has Bagramon take the seal off his sword and Mikey tries to get Kiriha and Sparrowmon to join their rescue mission.

Episode Title: Rumble in the Jungle Zone
Airs: 2010-12-7 at 10:00 am